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After leaving school, many graduates are moving home. Often the Good Finance program is not offered on-site and many students use the excerpt as a first step towards independence.

But this is also accompanied by an immense financial burden. Costs for rent, food, textbooks and leisure have to be paid. Side jobs are usually possible, financially but often not very lucrative. Revenue is usually limited to student loans, Student Loan or financial support from parents. Unigerers are happy to have student discounts and student benefits.

Cheap living


Particularly inexpensive you live in dormitories. A first point of contact is offered by the dormitories of the Deutsches Studentenwerk. Depending on the place of residence, there are also non-profit associations or dormitories with denominational sponsorship, which offer inexpensive accommodation. In many places also new housing models are offered: They live free or for a very small rent with elderly or dependent people and in return make small favors. At many universities, you can obtain more information from the student advisory service.

To be insured cheaply

Up to the age of 25, young adults are automatically insured with their parents during training, provided that they are covered by statutory health insurance. After that you have to assure yourself. Health insurance companies offer reduced rates for students. If the study continues beyond the age of 25 years, it is always worthwhile to obtain detailed information about student discounts in advance from various providers.

Cheap travel

If you do not yet have your own car and therefore need the train, you can fall back on the discounts for students: Deutsche Bahn offers the BahnCard 25 and 50, with which you can save 25 percent or 50 percent on train journeys receive.

In between, switch off from the stress of learning and undertake a journey – that would be just the right thing? Some travel agencies specialize in arranging trips to students. They offer student discounts for flights and apartments. But there you can also find out if an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is necessary in order to take advantage of the special offers.

Cheap to buy a notebook

Cheap to buy a notebook

Preparing papers, writing homework or graduation papers, and gathering important information: As an academic, you need to own a notebook for all of these activities. Such is often quite expensive. With larger providers such as Sony, Acer or Samsung you also get a student discount on the purchase of a notebook. If you are still looking for the missing DSL connection, you should obtain detailed information from various providers. Some of them offer connections even without a fixed term. This has the advantage that they can be terminated at any time, for example, when the studies have ended or a longer stay abroad is pending.

Cheap leisure activities avail

Cinemas, museums, theaters or swimming pools usually offer student discounts when they buy tickets. The important thing is that you always have your student ID card in your pocket, because it usually has to be presented to the cashier.

If you enjoy doing sports but have no money for an expensive gym, you can sign up for numerous courses at University Sports. From team sports such as foot, volley or handball to tennis, Zumba or yoga is often a wide range available. This has the advantage that you can get to know fellow students and exchange ideas.

Cheap food

In canteens or the cafeteria of the local Studentenwerk you can take advantage of discounts for students. As a rule, you will receive a canteen card, which you can recharge regularly as required. If you then pay at the cash desk of the cafeteria, only the discounted price for the meal will automatically be charged.

Save broadcasting fee


Basically, a broadcasting amount is payable per apartment. If you receive Student Loan during your studies, you have the option of being exempted from these costs. To do this, you must send the Student Loan notification to the competent office in Cologne and submit an application for exemption in writing or online. You will then receive a confirmation of the exemption.

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